Ihr Browser versucht gerade eine Seite aus dem sogenannten Internet auszudrucken. Das Internet ist ein weltweites Netzwerk von Computern, das den Menschen ganz neue Möglichkeiten der Kommunikation bietet.

Da Politiker im Regelfall von neuen Dingen nichts verstehen, halten wir es für notwendig, sie davor zu schützen. Dies ist im beidseitigen Interesse, da unnötige Angstzustände bei Ihnen verhindert werden, ebenso wie es uns vor profilierungs- und machtsüchtigen Politikern schützt.

Sollten Sie der Meinung sein, dass Sie diese Internetseite dennoch sehen sollten, so können Sie jederzeit durch normalen Gebrauch eines Internetbrowsers darauf zugreifen. Dazu sind aber minimale Computerkenntnisse erforderlich. Sollten Sie diese nicht haben, vergessen Sie einfach dieses Internet und lassen uns in Ruhe.

Die Umgehung dieser Ausdrucksperre ist nach §95a UrhG verboten.

Mehr Informationen unter www.politiker-stopp.de.

how to setup an encrypted Time Machine Backup

23 06 2010
  • deutsch

This screencast shows how to setup encrypted Time Machine Backups as discussed in the article here.

How to setup encrypted Time Machine Backups from Falko Zurell on Vimeo.

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vertical editing in TextMate

30 03 2010
  • deutsch

Here’s a very short screencast about vertical text editing feature in TextMate. I often have the case that I need to edit text in several lines at onces. I’m used to do that in the Unix editor VIM but TextMate has this feature as well. For as a keyboard/console junkie it wasn’t easy to figure out how to achieve it in TextMate. That’s why I made this little screencast to share my findings ;-)

vertical text selection in TextMate and VIM from Falko Zurell on Vimeo.

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mite – time keeping done right

7 07 2009
  • deutsch

Everyone hates the time tracking for projects. But everyone also knows that it’s essential for good accounting an planning. The reasons for the dislike is mostly the ugly tools for this tasks. Most tools are good examples for complete lack of user friendlyness

But thanks to brave Julia Soergel & Sebastian Munz there is an alternative. The wrote there diploma thesis on mite – a web based time keeping tool – and released or continued it as a service on the web.

They used all the recent Web 2.0 techniques to create lean, smart and powerfull web application. But they didn’t stop there. They also implemented some additional tools like the Jabber bot and Twitter bot to interact with your mite account.

This makes time keeping really easy and almost a pleasure. So there are no more excuses.

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die verflixten Sonderzeichen

26 06 2009

Im Screencast neulich wollte mir partout nicht einfallen, wie man sich die Tastaturbelegung bzgl. Sonderzeichen anzeigen lassen kann. Ich war mir aber sicher, daß das irgendwie geht. Jetzt habe ich durch Zufall in einem Screencast bei Bitnap.tv gesehen wie’s geht. Da der Screencast dort in englisch ist, hab ich das hier nochmal in deutsch aufgenommen.

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Mac Geeks Screencast Channel on Vimeo

23 06 2009
  • deutsch

I’ve create a Channel on Vimeo for our screencasts. This is for you to get easily access to all the mac centric screencasts from us.

MacOS X Screencasts on Vimeo (20090623).png

I create most of the screencasts with ScreenFlow from Telestream. This is a commercial screencasting software for the MacOS X. It has almost all of the features I need and the workflow is pretty fast and snappy. It records the screencast in an intermediate format. After recording you can select the cropping, zooming and other features of the screen record. You can activate audible mouse klicks and additional text captions, videos, audio recordings etc.
Only drawback in the current release is the slow export. Screenflow doesn’t use all the available CPU power to encode the screencast and thus taking longer to export as needed. But this seems to be a bug and will be fixed in a future release.

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MacOS X Basics Screencast

22 06 2009
  • deutsch

As I often get questions on very basic topics in MacOS X or see people struggling with basic things in MacOS X I decided to do a ScreenCast on these topics.

This screencast is currently only available in german.

MacOS X Beginners Screencast from Falko Zurell on Vimeo.

If you want me to do a screencast on a specific topic, feel free to request it in the comments below.

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5 06 2009
  • deutsch

There is a new star in internet music television called putpat.tv. This is the new service of the guys from Televised Revolution who created MotorTV. But putpat.tv is more than just a music video station. It’s spiced up with interactivity and prefedined channels.

putpat.tv Login screen

During first login you select you personal music taste by giving some examples of artists or genres you like. Putpat.tv will create a channel with a music mix based on this data and add some other artists you may like.
It’s based on Flash and will start using your whole browser window to playback. This is very clean and simple.


With the “veequalizer” you can modify the mix of your music channel. Simply enter artists and/or genres and adjust the slider.

If you’re tired of your channel you can choose between a dozen of predefined channels with all varieties of music mixes. The channels are displayed in a nice cover flow like view.

putpat.tv veequalizer
putpat.tv Channel Browser

All together putpat.tv is a stylish and dead simple way to play your favourite music videos from the web. You quickly get what you want when you’re using these kind of services – good music. I was suprised that I found a lot of music videos from my favourite artists I didn’t knew before. All this slightly reminds me of the good old times when the early MTV (from UK with legendary Ray Cokes, Steve Blame etc….) was constanly playing in the background in my room. I would like to have a separate PC to display putpat.tv in the office ;-)

putpat.tv Screencast from Falko Zurell on Vimeo.

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don’t activate Exposé accidently

31 05 2009
  • deutsch

You’ve already heard about the MacOS X Exposé functionality. This is where you can activate the display of either all open program windows, all windows of the active program or the desktop. You can even activate the screen saver or hibernate mode of the display. All these functions can be activated by function key or by moving the mouse pointer into a so called “active corner”.

During normal work you may enter the active corners accidently from time to time. This is a little annoying but the ingenious Apple engineers have already implemented a cure for this itch. You can add modifier keys to the active corners. To trigger the active corners function you now have to press the modifier key while moving the mouse pointer into the corner. No more accidently activation from now one. You have even assign different modifier keys to different corners. But you can’t overload an active corner with multiple modifier keys ;-)

How it works show this little screencast. Although the audio is in german you should get the idea how the modifier keys can be set in the system preferences.

Exposé Advanced from Falko Zurell on Vimeo.

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Ipernity Upload Button for Picasa

1 02 2009

Now there is a Ipernity Upload Button for Picasa available at the Ipernity website. It’s also working with the Mac version of Ipernity.

I made a screencast on how to install and use.

Picasa Ipernity Upload Button Screencast from Falko Zurell on Vimeo.

One glitch I noticed is that the tags you enter during upload from Picasa wont be transfered to Ipernity. You have to reenter them after upload is complete on the Ipernity website.

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Kids love drawing – Doozla Screencast

9 12 2008
  • deutsch

This time I show you a nice little drawing application for kids. Doozla comes from the makers of Skitch at plasq.com and is a easy and funny application to draw and colour with for your kids. It’s not just a drawing application like Scribbles but instead offers 4 major modes of drawing. Simple drawing on a plain white ground, coloring pre sketched drawings, draw on a background or take pictures from your iSight and draw on the picture.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

All actions are supported by funny sounds which pronounce the tool names or the colors you use.

All together a nice little application for kids to draw with a computer. And if you got a graphic tablet like the Wacom Bamboo you can make real art work ;-)

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