Ihr Browser versucht gerade eine Seite aus dem sogenannten Internet auszudrucken. Das Internet ist ein weltweites Netzwerk von Computern, das den Menschen ganz neue Möglichkeiten der Kommunikation bietet.

Da Politiker im Regelfall von neuen Dingen nichts verstehen, halten wir es für notwendig, sie davor zu schützen. Dies ist im beidseitigen Interesse, da unnötige Angstzustände bei Ihnen verhindert werden, ebenso wie es uns vor profilierungs- und machtsüchtigen Politikern schützt.

Sollten Sie der Meinung sein, dass Sie diese Internetseite dennoch sehen sollten, so können Sie jederzeit durch normalen Gebrauch eines Internetbrowsers darauf zugreifen. Dazu sind aber minimale Computerkenntnisse erforderlich. Sollten Sie diese nicht haben, vergessen Sie einfach dieses Internet und lassen uns in Ruhe.

Die Umgehung dieser Ausdrucksperre ist nach §95a UrhG verboten.

Mehr Informationen unter www.politiker-stopp.de.

MacOS X Update 10.5.6

16 12 2008

Yesterday Apple released the MacOS X Update to Leopard 10.5.6. You can read about the changes at the Apple Support Website.

One change I noticed was the newly introduced “Trackpad” preference icon in the global preferences.

Preferences Pane Leopard 10.5.6

I think this is mostly usefull for the brand new unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros with the glass trackpad. I can not see any settings on my old MBP that where newly introduced.

Trackpad Prefs

You may wonder about all the other Preferences in the custom section above. These are (from left to right):

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MacGeeks Podcast # 7 – Online Backup Services

14 12 2008
  • deutsch

This is the 7th episode of our podcast. I did an outdoor recording on online backup services. Please bear with me when I’m a little breathless some times. I was pushing my little boy Hugo around in the Volkspark Friedrichshain. He was sitting on his three wheeler and there are some hills..

I talk about my recent experiences with some Online Storage/Backup Services like Amazon S3, Mozy Home and Backblaze.

Podcast URL: http://www.mac-geeks.de/wp-content/podcasts/podcast.xml
Audio-File: http://media.mac-geeks.de/MGPC7.mp3

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Mac Software Christmas Bundles

13 12 2008
  • deutsch

As every year a several Software Sites offering the famous christmas bundles with a bunch of software you may need for your Mac. Most of them are selling a very similar set of tools which are mostly useless. But there is often one or two pieces of Software for which you may consider buying the whole bundle.

Here are an overview of some Bundle offers and my personal ratings (like iTunes stars):

  • MacUpdate Promo Winter Bundle: $49.99 (89% off, $447.69)

    • KeyCue (★)
    • MacPilot (★★)
    • WhatSize (★★)
    • iVolume (-)
    • RapidWeaver (★)
    • LittleSnitch (★★★★★)
    • MacGourmet Deluxe (★★)
    • Virus Barrier X5 (★)
    • Drive Genius (★)
    • Default Folder X (★)
  • Mac Switcher Bundle: $49,59 USD (50% off)

    • 1Password (★★★★★)
    • TextExpander (★★★★★)
    • Witch (-)
    • ScreenCast Online Abo (-)
  • Mac Bundle Box : $39

    • KavaTunes (★)
    • Librarian Pro (★★)
    • AlarmClock (★)
    • HyperImage (★)
    • MacCleanse (★)
  • Limit Point Software: $69 USD (76% off) (★★)

    • Utility Bundly
    • BlueCrab
    • Mailings
    • iForms
    • Boolean Search
    • Icon2Image
    • Aqueiss
    • FTPortal
    • Touvaly
    • MenuMinder
    • SwitchTop
    • QuickTop
    • PictureSwitch

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Kids love drawing – Doozla Screencast

9 12 2008
  • deutsch

This time I show you a nice little drawing application for kids. Doozla comes from the makers of Skitch at plasq.com and is a easy and funny application to draw and colour with for your kids. It’s not just a drawing application like Scribbles but instead offers 4 major modes of drawing. Simple drawing on a plain white ground, coloring pre sketched drawings, draw on a background or take pictures from your iSight and draw on the picture.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

All actions are supported by funny sounds which pronounce the tool names or the colors you use.

All together a nice little application for kids to draw with a computer. And if you got a graphic tablet like the Wacom Bamboo you can make real art work ;-)

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